Rain, 2003

fa, videó
40x60x9 cm, 2'20" loop

The surface of this piece of wood was first chiselled with a large chisel and later with a smaller one. I took pictures of each initial chisel mark, then of every second one, third one, and so on. The chisel marks represented raindrops on the film, and they were played back in the rhythm of a summer downpour. Slowing and increasing the speed achieved a certain natural rhythm: at first it only drizzles before the rain really starts, and then the raindrops fall diagonally as the wind starts to blow; as it gets stronger the raindrops become smaller. Somewhere in the middle of the film the sequence of the pictures is reversed and gradually slowed down - the rain stops, and in the end the drops dry out.

Video downloads (2.8MB)
Stills from the video