Beach, 2004

limestone, video
30x92,5x3 cm 12'51" loop

The Beach imitates the seashore with its subtle lines of sand that are washed up, remoulded, and then partly or totally washed away by the waves. Once more the base material is a lithography stone, and the technique of using acid is similar to techniques used in graphic art: I drew lines with lithography chalk on the surface before pouring acid on it, and then I either made the lines disappear by smoothing them down, or reinforced them by the further application of chalk. Here too, the process of the water shaping the stone is invisible, but in order to help the onlooker identify this the sound of the sea was added to the film. This film is different from my previous ones - not just in the use of sound, but also in the lack of any narrative elements. The work has no beginning or end, as it is only a continuous process of change or movement.

Video downloads (3.5MB)
Stills from the video